What to Check When Choosing an Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Choosing an Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

The success of online business anchors on the platform you build it. If you are not a first timer in the e-commerce arena, you have heard this phrase from time to time. Any online business expert will advise you to consider your enterprise e-commerce platform if you desire to succeed as a large-scale retailer. Operating such a business on a common platform will hinder the best outcome.

However, with the growth of enterprise virtualization, more developers are popping up. Each of them is claiming their platforms are the best. This aspect can confuse you.

Here are 3 things to check when choosing an enterprise e-commerce platform for your business:


Integrations are the powers of any online store.   As an entrepreneur, you are aware that business is a combination of systems. The systems must be interconnected to achieve the best results. Whether you are operating online or offline, you need to integrate your systems. In this essence, your platform of choice must offer room for integration. It should integrate with current and future systems. Some of these systems include payment gateways, Customer management systems (CMS), inventory and ordering systems among others. In a word, your enterprise e-commerce platform must provide you with necessary integration opportunities for managing your complex tasks.


Imagine your site going down on a peak day. The day you expected to make a killer profit, but your site disappoints you as it cannot handle the excess traffic. Certainly, this would be the worst moment for you. For this reason, you must pay attention to the scalability factor. Your site must be scalable and adjust to changes in traffic levels. However, you can only realize this desire if your platform of choice has the scalability as one of the features. If it doesn’t, your desires will remain as wishes. Hence, consider the scalability option before selecting an enterprise e-commerce platform.

Reliable customer support

Customer support is a pillar of your online operations. The treatment you get from your service provider determines whether you will thrive or fail. Imagine you receive a complaint from your customers that they are unable to access your site. After a thorough analysis, you realize it is a technical issue that only the provider can handle. Upon reaching them, they take days and weeks before solving it. Certainly, losing massive sales and customers will be unavoidable. So, when considering an enterprise e-commerce platform, ensure it comes along with reliable customer support.

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