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Here Are the Top 3 Scalable Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms

The innate desire of an entrepreneur is growth. Your joy is seeing the customer base increasing on a daily basis. You want to be on the throne in your niche receiving the highest number of sales and profitability levels. With the emergence of e-commerce, competition is a threat to any business owner. If you fail to find the best platform to house your online business, trailing others in your niche will be your portion.

One way to achieve the goal is going for a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform. Such a platform comes with features and capabilities for enabling you to stand out from the crowd. However, with hundreds of platform providers, it can be a challenge to identify the best. If you are in this crisis, this article seeks to help you out by presenting enterprise e-commerce platforms that are scalable. Here they are:

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Shopify Plus  

If your business is making over $500K annually, it requires an e-commerce platform with functionalities to support the complex and rigid operational systems of a large company. An enterprise e-commerce platform is a solution. Other than minding about the small businesses, Shopify came up with a solution for large businesses. The plan is popularly known as Shopify plus. The link to check it out is https://shopify.com/plus/enterprise-ecommerce

Shopify Plus is a good idea for large business offering them an online Merchant Success Manager which eases your hassles and sweat draining affairs. Some of the benefits you earn from this scalable enterprise e-commerce platform include unlimited bandwidth. Meaning you can receive any level of web traffic, 24/7 technical support, and multichannel capabilities. Also, there are no limitations on the number of products you can list or the sales levels. It is scalable and reliable with a 99.98% uptime guarantee. Hence, you are sure that no time your customers will be unable to reach your online store.

Magento enterprise

As you know, Magento is a leading platform when you think of open source e-commerce platforms. Open sources allow you to tweak the codes to develop an online store or a website that aligns with your business needs and target customer preferences. Since there is no technical support, you rely on the community forum to handle issues that may arise during the web development phase. However, as a large business or bulk merchant, you may lack time for such forums. All you need is a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform to ease your online business management. If this is your case, Magento enterprise is your best plan. The option comes with advanced and additional customization features. These features include customer attraction and conversion options, scalability, inventory, and enterprise management among others.

presenting enterprise e-commerce platforms

Ecommerce Platforms

Shopify came up with a solution

Also, you get a backup of the Magento Team which harness your designing and sales processes. The platform offers your functionalities for shipping tracking and management, social media selling, and order management. Again, the business intelligence option enables you to utilize your data in making vital decisions. As such, this is a great e-commerce platform for large businesses with a dream to grow and manage its sales levels. Nevertheless, it is not a free option. You need to go deeper into your pocket.



 Whether you operate a small or a large e-commerce business, having an opportunity to match your customer and business preferences is ultimate. It is due to this reason many webpreneurs consider an open source platform. If you’re a large-scale retailer, VirtoCommerce is an excellent choice when considering a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform. VirtoCommerce presents you with an array of reliable features for enhancing your online business management to meet your customers’ needs.  It supports multi-vendors and multichannel selling and marketing. Hence, it is a suitable option for expanding and growing your online business.

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